Vintage Sled Parts

Vintage Skidoo's
:Recoil paw kits
:Recoil washer kits
:Rear suspension springs
:External ignition coil (twin cylinder)
:Internal ignition coil (singles cylinder)
:Exciter and pulsar coils
:Lightning coils
:Ignition switches for electric start
models only
:Skags and runners
:Bogie axle shafts
Vintage Skidoo's
Crankcase sealer
Starter pulley (twin cylinder)
Tracks 15x114
Recoil springs
Secondary clutch springs
Starter cup (single cylinder)
Brake cables
Plug caps and wires
Voltage regulators
Recoil rope
Piston and gasket kits
Front drive Sprockets
Bogie springs
Rear drive Sprockets
This isn't all the vintage skidoo parts we have or can
locate. We will be putting more on here, so keep